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Carousel Terms & Conditions

As a Carousel Member, the following terms and conditions govern your membership.  

The Standard Carousel Memeber is two (2) years.
Within the standard membership, the standard term for a Carousel vehicle lease is six (6) months and the maximum term is one (1) year on qualified vehicles.  

Membership Criteria

In order to initate and maintain your Carousel membership, the following criteria must be met:  
  • Member must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age
  • Member must have a current automobile insurance policy
  • Member must have had a valid state driver's license for at least one (1) year
  • Member(s) must qualify for program specific financing


You may make or cancel a reservation for a Carousel vehicle up to 24 hours prior to "exchange" by:
  • Visiting
  • Contacting a Carousel Associate at (808)597-9011
  • Visiting the Carousel showroom


All payments must be made in accordance with the terms of your lease. Please refer to your lease contract for specific terms and conditions.  

Driving Your Carousel Vehicle

Picking Up Your Vehicle

All Carousel vehicles are evaluated and cleaned prior to delivery. Both the Member and a Carousel Associate will conduct a visual inspection of the vehicle at the time of pick up or delivery. During this inspection, the Member must point out any concerns or physical damage on the vehicle.  


The Member will receive a temporary registration and a safety check which is to be kept in the vehicle at all times. The Member will also be required to show proof of insurance prior to taking possession of their vehicle.  

Mileage Limitations

There will be a set mileage limit of 10,000 per six (6) month term. Each additional mile will be assessed at a fee of ten cents (.10) per mile.


All scheduled maintenance will be included as part of your Carousel membership. This excludes all wear and tear items.  

GAP Insurance

Gap Insurance protection is included with every leased vehicle.


Smoking is not permitted in the vehicle. Failure to comply will result in a $500.00 deodorizing fee which will be assessed upon the lease expiration.  


All accidents must be reported to Carousel in writing using the Accident Report Form. All associated repairs are the sole responsibility of the Member, and may be handled thorugh their insurance or personally paid in full.  

Road Side Assistance

Although some Carousel vehicles are supported by Manufacturer Road Side Assistance programs, it is not provided as a general member benefit. Additional Road Side Assistance coverage may also be obtained through a member's individual insurance plan.  

Warranty & Repairs

All Carousel vehicles are covered under warranty. The cost of all non-wear and tear malfunctions or repairs will be handled thorugh the Carousel repair vendor network. Carousel provides its members with a concierge service which will include a complimentary loaner vehicle. Non-warranty repairs are the responsibility of the Member.  

Registration & Safety

All safety check and registation fees are complimentary during each six (6) month lease term.



All Carousel vehicles must be returned by 12PM on the last calendar day of the month. If the last calendar day of the month does not fall on a business day, the Member will be required to return the vehicle by 12PM on the first business day of the following month. All vehicles will be inspected by a Carousel Associate upon return, and must be deemed to be in similar condition as it was when the vehicle was originally delivered. The interior and the exterior of the vehicle must be clean. Any damages that may have occurred while the member was in possession of the vehicle must clearly be stated and noted by both the Member and the Carousel Associate. A repair charge will be assessed to the Member should the Member wish to return the vehicle without repairing any damages caused while in their possession.  


All Carousel Members are required to carry their own personal insurance for the duration of their membership. Carousel will not be responsible for any damages, accidental deaths, or negligence associated with the vehicle or driver of said vehicle while it is in the possession of the member. Any and all responsibility in this regard will be the responsibility of the Member and/or the Member's insurance carrier. Please refer to the lease contract for detailed insurance coverage requirements.  

Traffic & Parking Violations

The client will be responsible for the cost of all traffic and/or parking violations which are incurred while leasing a Carousel vehicle. Any and all fines that are incurred during the use of a vehicle must be paid regardless of membership status.  

Lease Exchange, Renewal, Suspension, Cancellation & Termination

Upon the expiration of the first three (3) six (6) month lease terms, the Member may exchange their vehicle. A physical inspection will be executed by a Carousel Associate, and upon clearance the Member has five (5) specific options:  

1. Exchanging Within the Same Tier

A Member may choose to exchange their vehicle for another vehicle in the same tier at no extra charge. The Member will be required to update their insurance prior to the delivery of their new vehicle.  

2. Transitioning Up a Tier

A Member may move up a tier provided they pay the prorated difference between their initial membership fee and the fee for the higher tier. This fee must be paid prior to taking possession of the new vehicle. A new lease agreement will be initatied and all other fees and payments associated with the new vehicle will apply. The member will be required to update their insurance policy prior to the delivery of their new vehicle.

3. Transition Down a Tier

A Member may move down a tier at no charge, however there will not be a refund on the initial membership fee paid. A new lease agreement will be initiated and all other fees and payments associated with the new vehicle will apply. The member will be required to update their insurance prior to the delivery of their new vehicle.  

4. Re-Leasing the Same Vehicle

At the discretion of the Lessor, a member may choose to re-lease the same vehicle for an additional six (6) month term, but not to exceed two (2) consecutive six (6) month terms. A new lease agreement will be initiated and all other fees and payments associated with the new vehicle will apply.  

5. Purchase Option

A Member has the option to purchase their Carousel vehicle at any time during their lease period. Courtesy Member pricing will be extended. The Membership fee may not be credited towards purchase price.  

Early Exchange

A Member may exchange their current vehicle prior to their lease expiration data provided they pay the commensurate fee:

Tier 3: $500.00
Tier 2: $750.00
Tier 1: $1,000.00
Custom Tier: $2,000.00

Account Suspension

A Member may suspend their account at anytime during their two (2) year term with no additional fee. The vehicle must be returned and inspected by a Carousel Associate and the active lease agreement will be terminated. During the period of suspension for the duration of the inital lease agreement. Upon Reactivation, a Member may choose to reenter the program in any tier. All commensurate fees will apply. Should the Members two (2) year term expire prior to reentry into the program no refunds will be due.

Termination by Carousel

Carousel may cancel a membership at any time by notifying the member in writing, thirty (30) days prior to termination. Grounds for termination include, but may not be limited to:
  • Failure to abide by the terms of the lease agreement
  • Multiple accidents to a vehicle
  • Intentional abuse to a vehicle
  • Vehicle involvement in any criminal activity
  • Insufficient insurance coverage
Evaluation of all infractions will be at the discretion of Carousel. All outstanding fees and charges will be settled at the time of cancellation and no refunds to the initial membership fee shall be provided.  
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